Wicking Slipshort

Who knew that you could make dresses and skirts even more amazing? I did not understand that you could wear them without feeling super uncomfortable!

I never had a problem with actually wearing dresses or skirts. I mean they are cute, fashionable and generally just make you feel pretty. However, with that said… the downsides were always my show stoppers! You know… my thunder thigh, chub rub, sweat dripping grossness that comes with wearing these garments.

Then I found these amazing things! Wicking slipshorts! Not only are they inexpensive, but they work! They double as a slip/short and they are not super hot. I was kind of worried I’d be sweating even more, but I didn’t!

Run, don’t walk… to your local Wal-Mart (they probably sell them other places too) to get yourself a pair and try them with your favorite dress or skirt! My favorite times to wear these is under my Carly dresses or Maxi skirts. Let me know if you try them what you think!


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