What is your favorite?

There are so many amazing and yet different styles of LuLaRoe you can choose from. I get asked all the time…. What is your favorite? So…. let me tell you what are my favorites and why…. I’ll also include some fellow consultants thoughts on a few of these styles so you can get their takes on them too!

My absolute…. hands down…. most amazing style (in my opinion) favorite is the MAXI skirt…. Not only are these just amazing skirts…. they can be worn a million ways, tied, knotted, as a dress, etc. There are lots of patterns and solids to choose from so no matter what you are destined to find one you really like.

IMG_3743_xGlnJ7m (2)

My Second favorite style is the CLASSIC TEE. It’s got a scoop neck and still has the tunic high/low bottom styling so it covers your ummm… backside! (Seriously a necessity in life!) It can be paired with everything including; leggings, Cassie, Maxi, Azure, etc. My almost 12 year old loves this style as well and wears her Classics with Leggings all the time!


The third style that is a must have for any LuLaRoe lover is the CARLY dress! It’s just freaking amazing! This is a swing style dress that allows you to cover your butt cheeks while bending over. I have found that I LOVE this dress for so many reasons! It’s comfy, it’s stylish, I can wear it to work, I can wear it to the park or when sitting all day at a taekwondo competition.

In the winter I love to pair it with some cute leggings and knee high boots and in the summer I usually make my leggings into capris and wear sandals. I just LOVE my Carly! Recently LLR released the Scarlett which is really just the Carly for kids… if you have a little girl in your life you really should try one!


These are by far my most favorite styles… my friend Kelley Erickson says that the Carly is her favorite but a close second in her book is the PERFECT Tee. The Perfect is a cute and has fun slits on the sides. These are fun to knot and it’s super cute with leggings or skirts.

Jenni Jacewitz loves the Classic, Carly and Leggings… she can be seen wearing those LLR buttery soft leggings while playing with her daughter, taking a trip to the beach or putzing around the house! She is a leggings collector and loves to make Mommy and Me sets to match her Threenager. (Yeah if you have a toddler you know that’s a thing).

There are lots of other styles that are AMAZING, but these are our favorites! What is your favorite? and why?


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