First World Problems 

So as you all probably know I live in Central Wisconsin. Most springs and moving into summer you can find a wide variety of temperatures and storms roll through. This year has been no exception. 

We went from temps in the 50’s to the high 80’s. We’ve had light rain, no rain and everything in between. I watched a town very close to my hometown be devastated by a tornado this spring. To top all that off I’m realizing how accustomed we’ve become to first world things. You know like power, showers, hot water and on demand TV and internet. 

On Monday night a storm with high powered winds and crazy amounts of rained washed though the city I live in. We haven’t had power since then. My 11 year old has been forced to interact with us. We had to throw away all our fridge food. And realizing what it’s like to ‘camp’ from your house hasn’t been the most fun experience ever.

Despite the #firstworldproblem endurance plan we seem to be on not having power has brought us; we have made some fun memories along the way. We ‘rescued’ the LuLaRoe stuff from the basement that tends to flood. (Luckily it hasn’t yet). 

We roasted marshmallows outside on an lighter. 

We watched tv shows we had downloaded from iTunes on an iPad as a family and above all we talked. I know I’m shocked too! 

So while our property damage was minimal our memories will not be. While I don’t want to go through another 52 hours without power we will survive! Even without showers (and I really miss showers). 

So back to the grind people and remember there are many people out there who don’t even know what electricity is. Let alone take it for granted. I can’t even imagine what they would think of the internet and our tv habits.

So messy hair and all. I’ll just be thankful for the things I do have! I’m thankful that LuLaRoe helps me have the things we usually take for granted. What are you thankful for??? 


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