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LuLaRoe Phishing

LuLaRoe sent out an email to all consultants tonight (July 20th, 2017) to notify them that someone had sent a fraudulent message claiming to be from This message went on to ask the consumer to enter information regarding their credit card and drivers license and respond to verify that transaction.

LuLaRoe did not send this message which is known asĀ  Phishing message to any LuLaRoe customer. DO NOT give out credit card, account number, Logon Information, Passwords or social security numbers via links you click on emails. If an organization sends you an email for information identify customer service numbers for that organization and call them to validate they need the information from you.

If you or someone you know receivedĀ  or ever receives this type of email have them delete it immediately and do not respond. DO NOT open the email if you can but especially be diligent of attachments the email may contain.

Please understand that LuLaRoe and Bless will NOT ask a consumer to verify an order, will NOT ask for sensitive information such as credit or debit card numbers and LuLaRoe does not contact our customers directly as those communications would be initiated from a customer or be facilitated through your Fashion Retailer.

For additional information on Phishing click here or Here

Be Extra Careful when viewing emails that you don’t fall for a phishing scam. Bad guys are everywhere and we would hate to see you give out confidential information. If you do ever think you may have click on something you shouldn’t or have given out debit/credit card numbers make sure you call you financial institutions to get fraud protection and those cards cancelled so no bad charges go through.




General Talk

2017 Amazon Prime Day

It’s Amazon’s Prime day… and unless you are living under a rock you already know this. If you are living under a rock Amazon Prime is a service you pay an annual fee for that allows you perks on Amazon. Personally I just love the 2 day shipping the rest is just a bonus but many love the Amazon Prime day they do annually each summer.

Back on track here… I am still amazed at all the people I see talking about this prime day event like it’s the next best thing to sliced bread. I’m sure there are amazing deals listed, but are they really all that amazing in the grand scheme of things? I’m not so convinced… I mean things go on sale all the time… and if you really watch you can probably find a better deal or at least a similar deal.

Like Black Friday shopping I find Amazon Prime day to be over hyped and an annoyance. However with that said… I’m like nearly every other person I know with Amazon Prime and I’ve looked at the flash deals about a 100 times today. You never know they may post something I can’t live without…

So why do so many people love Prime Day?


Adrenaline… we all love the the adrenaline high you get from scoring that AHHHHmazing deal. Black Friday shopping, Amazon Prime day and LuLaRoe Capsule releases are all for the adrenaline… You can’t wait to score that hard to find item, that amazing deal or that I can’t live without thing. Don’t worry i’m not judging…

Well maybe I am, but not in a bad way. I’m judging myself too… because where will I be next year on Amazon Prime day? Probably checking out the flash sales… sigh!

Good Luck out there!